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Multi-Cloud VPC Peering

Interconnect VPC networks using IPsec across AWS, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud to provide reliable peering with automatic failover that can scale horizontally

Amazon AWS

Reliable VPC Networking

Interconnect your VPC networks and provide remote access in minutes. Pritunl can handle both small and large use cases on AWS without any complicated configuration.

Cloud Providers

Google Cloud
Oracle Cloud

Full support with automated routing table management and failover available for AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Oracle Cloud.

AWS Integration

Pritunl integrates with the AWS API to provide automated and dynamic configuration of the VPC. This allows complex and redundant VPN configurations without the need for manual management.

Dynamic VPC Routing

Pritunl will dynamically adjust the VPC routing table to handle instance failures. When an instance fails over to a backup instance the routing table will be automatically updated.

AWS Tutorial

DNS Mapping


All connected users and devices are mapped to a dns domain with their username and organization name.

DNS Forwarding -> search.node.consul

Forward dns queries to a dns server on a remote network such as a consul server on an AWS VPC.