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Single Sign On

Securely deploy remote access to thousands of users using their existing company account with support for several single sign-on providers and protocols

Simple Single Sign-On

Single sign-on allows users to use their existing company account to sign in to Pritunl and get connected to the VPN without the need for manual user management.

Yubico YubiKey Integration


Support for YubiKeys to allow hardware two-factor authentication using OTP code.

YubiKey Tutorial

Okta Integration


Full support for Okta single sign-on with SAML and multi-factor authentication with Okta Push. The Okta API is also used to verify the status of users when connecting.

Okta Tutorial

OneLogin Integration


Simple OneLogin integration with single sign-on using SAML including support for OneLogin API to verify the status of users when connecting.

OneLogin Tutorial

Slack Integration


Allow users to sign into Pritunl and get access to the VPN server using their Slack account. Matching Slack user groups to Pritunl organizations is also supported.

Slack Tutorial

Google Integration

Easily enable single sign-on with Google Apps using Oauth to allow users to authenticate with Pritunl using their Google business account. Users are reauthenticated with Oauth when connecting.

Google Tutorial

Duo Integration

Setup secure and easy single sign-on using Duo push authentication or add additional security to one of the other supported single sign-on systems. Push authentication will be used to securely verify each VPN connection.

Duo Tutorial

Active Directory Integration

Allow users to authenticate with their Active Directory credentials. With support for associating Active Directory groups with Pritunl organizations.

Active Directory Tutorial

Radius Integration

Integrate Pritunl with Radius authentication servers to allow users to login to Pritunl with their Radius account.