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Advanced Security

Pritunl is the most secure VPN server available and the only VPN server to offer up to five layers of authentication. Including a user certificate, six digit user pin, two-factor authenticator, single sign-on and mobile push authentication

User Auditing

Audit user and administrator events to assist in intrusion detection, improve security and fulfill regulatory requirements.

Single Sign-On

Single Sign On

Prevent phishing attacks, add additional layers of security and enforce user security policies with single sign-on. Pritunl has full support for several single sign-on providers without any complicated setup.

Open Source

All source code for Pritunl is open source and can be audited by any organization to ensure there are no security issues. This also allows for a transparent development process and a flexible product that can be modified to fit an organizations needs.


Pritunl has full support for SELinux with included policies to restrict each component for improved security.

No Hidden Backdoors

Closed source VPN vendors such as Juniper and Fortinet contain deliberately added backdoors to be used by governments and criminals to gain access to your networks. With no access to the source code these backdoors can remain hidden leaving your network vulnerable. Only open source software can guarantee the security of your network.