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Distributed and Scalable Infrastructure

Quickly scale to thousands of users with high availability in a cloud environment without the need for expensive proprietary hardware

High Availability

Pritunl is designed to have high availability with redundant systems that have automatic failover when an instance fails. All servers are equal with no master server and can run independently in the event of other instances failing.

20k Clients Test



Create complex site-to-site network links without a complicated configuration. High availability design allows for redundant site-to-site links to prevent unexpected outages.

Scaling Documentation

VPC Peering

Google Cloud
Oracle Cloud

Create site-to-site links with VPC peering. VPC peering available for AWS, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Peering Documentation

Ubiquiti Unifi Peering

Ubiquiti Unifi

Create hybrid cloud configurations from the cloud to local Ubiquiti Unifi networks. Support available for Unifi Security Gateway.

Unifi Documentation

Built on MongoDB


Pritunl is built on MongoDB, a reliable and scalable database that can be quickly deployed. With built in support for replication a reliable database can be setup in minutes making a Pritunl cluster deployment fast and easy.

Monitoring with InfluxDB


Monitor Pritunl clusters using InfluxDB with tools such as Grafana.

Gateway Links

Gateway Links

Use gateway links to link remote networks with a VPN link client. This allows for linking networks with a VPN client when it is not practical to setup a Pritunl server.

Automated Failover

Automated failover ensures all VPN servers are running and in the event that an instance fails the VPN server will automatically be started on a healthy instance.

Server Replication

Full support for server replication to scale clusters for thousands of concurrent users. Clients are automatically routed between replicas to maintain client-to-client communication. Automatic VXLan management for replication across availability zones.

IPv6 Ready

Pritunl is IPv6 compatible allowing IPv6 clients to connect to vpn servers over IPv6. Clients on IPv4 and IPv6 will also get an IPv6 address from a routed public subnet or with a private subnet using NAT.

IPv6 Tutorial