Enterprise VPN Server

  • Enterprise vpn server management software
  • Create a self-hosted vpn network in minutes
  • Free to use and open source
  • Built with OpenVPN


Easy Configuration

All user and server configuration is done from a simple web interface. Easily manage multiple organizations, users and vpn servers.


All traffic between your computer and the pritunl server is encrypted. Optional two-step authentication is available using Google Authenticator for improved security.

Cloud Networking

Create a self-hosted secure cloud network for LAN-like connectivity between remote users.


Improve your online anonymity, all your internet traffic will be routed through your vpn server.


Easily integrate and configure Pritunl with other services using the REST API.

Use Cases

Build a cloud network

Create a self-hosted cloud network to allow for vpn networking between users to securely share resources.

Use case

Remote access to servers

Create a gateway to your AWS VPC or VPS private network to securly access your servers.

Use case

Virtualize your office

Provide easy and secure remote access to the resources and services on the local network to remote users.

Use case

Improve security and privacy

Protect your internet traffic when connected to WiFi or while on an untrusted network.

Use case

Frequently Asked Questions

What VPN modes are available?

Three modes are available to route all internet traffic, route only traffic to specified subnets or route only VPN traffic.

How can bugs be reported?

Bugs can be reported on the GitHub Issues page or with the contact widget below.

What other features are available?

Additional features available include bandwidth graphs, user searching, detailed user information, static user IP's and Postmark integration for emailing temporary key links.

What are the default credentials?

The default username and password is "admin".

More questions?

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Access Server


Uses proven open source technology and protocols

Can be hosted on a personal server

Allows connecting to multiple vpn networks

Customizable vpn server port and protocol

Email users client configuration automatically

Open source

No limit on the number of connected devices

Doesn't require registration, name or email to use

Cost of 20 devices


Cost of 40 devices


DigitalOcean Automated Install



apt-get install python-software-properties add-apt-repository -y ppa:pritunl apt-get update; apt-get install pritunl # open "https://localhost:9700/"

Arch Linux

yaourt -S pritunl systemctl start pritunl.service systemctl enable pritunl.service # open "https://localhost:9700/"

CentOS 7

yum install -y pritunl-*.rpm systemctl start pritunl.service systemctl enable pritunl.service # open "https://localhost:9700/"



Ubuntu Client
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:pritunl sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install pritunl-client

Arch Linux

Arch Linux Client
yaourt -S pritunl-client